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Inn at Spry Point

Oceanfront Weddings at The Inn at Spry Point

Bride and Groom
The Inn At Spry Point hosted dozens of weddings since we opened in 2000 and has become "the wedding destination" on Prince Edward Island. By providing exceptional service, affordable prices, and outstanding quality for both our indoor and outdoor wedding receptions, you will ensure that your day goes as planned. We will assist with details, guaranteed to eliminate the stress from the process, and in particular, the actual day. We partner with: Tent and Party Rentals, Entertainers & DJ's, Wedding Consultants, Florists, Hairdressers, Make-Up Artists, Wedding Cake Specialist, and other accommodations in the area.

We have weddings booked this season that range from an intimate group of the bride and groom with their immediate family of parents and siblings (numbering a dozen or so) to large showcase events with a tent wedding and lots of action. We don't have a "package" per se, we like to customize our weddings to match your budget and the style that you envision rather than trying to make people conform. It is your day and you should get what you want. There are dates still available, so call or email now to see about your wedding.

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Beachside Wedding chairs and arch

Preferred Wedding Vendors

The Inn at Spry Point is dedicated to making your wedding day as special as possible. Our staff has compiled a list of preferred vendors for everything, from entertainment to florists, to make your wedding unforgettable.

Wedding Planners

Angels and Angels VIP Event Planning LTD
Phone Number: (416) 264-3533
Toll-Free: 1-855-285-3533


Island Meadow Farms
(902) 628-5164

Bernadette Flowers
Phone Number: (902) 566-4000
Toll-Free: 1-877-766-1898

Flower Buds
Sandra or Vicky
(902) 626-2250
Toll-Free: 1-877-626-2250
Hearts & Flowers 
Alan Preston
Toll-Free: 1-800-693-2211
(902) 566-1499

Daisy A Day Flower Shop
(902) 687-3328

Marriage License / Marriage Commissioners

Thelma Johnston
Toll-Free: 1-877-320-1253
(902) 838-0880

Valerie Jean Downe
(902) 892-4009

Rev. Susan Lawson
(902) 672-3289
Rev. Sandi / Barry King
(902) 629-1385

Brenda Bulger
(902) 368-2030


Light & Vision
Louise Vessey
(902) 894-7141

Amy Parsons Photography
Amy Parsons
(902) 394-2910

Katelyn Fraser Photography
Katelyn Fraser
(902) 370-FOTO
Image Factory
Alanna Sobey
(902) 620-4983

Rachel Peters Photography
Rachel Peters

Shelly Connell Photography
Shelly Connell
(902) 675-4988

Wedding Cakes

Hot Cakes
Hailey Osborne
(902) 675-2416

S & S Sweet Creations
Nancy Martin
(902) 569-2060
Christine’s Cake Creations
Christine MacDonald
(902) 892-0739

City View Bakehouse
(902) 393-9935T


Edens Gate
Bobbi Jo MacLean
(902) 652-2772
JP Cuisine
John Pritchard
(902) 629-2468


Once Upon a Wedding
Tracy Cash
(902) 836-4708

The Bride to Be
Kelli Skinner
(902) 367-1699


Jill Harris
(902) 962-3665

Manorfield Quartet
Jen Clement
(902) 672-2839

The Gallant Brothers
Tracy Gallant

Traditional Music
Michael Pendergast
(902) 676-2123
Bagpipes College of Piping
(902) 436-5377

Classic Guitar
Robert Drew (Fretworks)
(902) 892-7003

Acoustic/Jazz Guitar
Jim Rumford
(902) 621-2800

Acoustic/Classical Guitar
Amy Brandon
(902) 986-5299


Vintage Don Bauers
(902) 393-9550

Phase II Blaine Murphy
(902) 566-3595
Davis Ward B& Davis Ward
(902) 629-9620


Music Express
Andrew Cross
(902) 626-8962

North Shore Productions
Reg Gallant
(902) 629-5551
Davis Ward DJ-DWX on
(902) 629-9620

New Generation, Philip Bulpitt


Absolutely Fabulous
(902) 367-3398

Freedom Hair Inc
(902) 940-1527
Vitality Hair & Esthetics
(902) 566-9776

Shear Talent
(902) 566-5245


Pure Spa
Deanna Hughs
(902) 894-9642

The Looking Glass
Tracy Mayhew
(902) 892-5146
PEI Makeup Artists
Michelle Cudmore
(902) 940-5132

Make-Up Artist
Laura Murphy
(902) 626-6481


Prince Edward Tours
(Toll-Free) 1-877-286-6532
( 902) 566-5466
Emerald Isle Carriage Tours
(902) 394-3780

The Inn at Spry Point

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